Services We Offer

We offer complete and thorough treatment to improve the quality of life for our patients and to reduce the amount of difficulties. We provide all of our services at our new rooms based in Vincent Pallotti Hospital.

  • Check Ups

  • Full Medical Workup

  • Outpatient Consultations

  • Emergency Admissions

  • ECG

  • Preventative Checks

  • Pre-operative Assessments

  • Inpatient Consultations

  • Glucose Monitoring

  • Intensive Care (ICU)

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Accepted Medical Schemes

We’re partnered with a number of great companies which we work hand in hand with. Our partnerships help us provide the best care solutions for our patients.

Who Needs Our Diabetic Service?

Diabetes is a complex and multi-faceted life-long condition that can influence for all intents and purposes each portion of your body. But with the right care given, there’s no reason why it ought to prevent you from living a sound and satisfying life.

  • If you’re having problems managing your blood sugar

  • If you have complex issues that need more time to discuss and solve

  • If you do sports with diabetes and need advice on glucose management during exercise

  • If you’re interested in the newest therapies available

  • If you have side effects or problems with your medication for diabetes

  • If you want to know more about diabetes and understand what’s happening

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